Monday, 30 January 2017

Where there is excellence, there is appreciation.

Striker Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd. is your trusted bridge to your clients, with its end-to-end Enterprise Messaging and Voice Solutions that allow you to reach your Clients and Customers through Mobile Services like Text and Voice Solutions.

Our range of integrated products for Text, Voice and Social Media platform is built on deep understanding of Organisational requirements. Each of these products are multi-faceted from the point of Sales, Communication establishment, Organisational growth and Market Analytics etc.

         Meet the Future Today

The innovation in technology is at its prolific best today.  Keeping pace with a rapid growth is not enough.  Being a step ahead is more important.

That is what Striker Soft brings to all its stakeholders - the commitment of bringing the future to the present along with:

  • Innovation in the field of Voice and Text
  • Products and Services to help your business reach further and grow
  • Affordable Solutions across enterprise
  • Timely quality deliverable
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Full support in implementing solutions and after sales.

Mission & Vision

Innovation, trust and simplifying business through seamless and effective communication are the pillars upon which Striker Soft Solutions has been built. 


It is our mission to enhance customer communication for enterprises through innovative solutions that simplify business operations, are cost effective and reliable while enriching customer experience. 


It is our vision to be among the world's best solution providers in Voice and Text platforms for enterprises. We aim to create a business model where all stakeholders can benefit from each other and grow together on a platform of innovative technology.